Urquhart Castle, Scotland


What do you get when you combine a love of cemeteries, mythology, psychology, and story telling?

Combine all those things and put them on the page with an authentic Southern voice and you got me, Sara Stark.

I guess I get it from my granny, that particular pleasure in a good story, whether told or heard. She must have already been nine-hundred years old when I was little, one of those old-time Southern women who rocked on the front porch. I especially loved her because if it was stormy, whether outside or in, I could climb up on her big feather bed, nestle down, and usually fall safely asleep while she told me a story.

Maybe it was her stories pushing me, but I’ve had quite an adventuresome life, some bad, but mostly good. I grew up on a farm, and I believe every kid should grow up on a farm, but the real world called. Since then I’ve lived all over the US, but never on a farm again after leaving home, and have visited places all around the globe.

In 2000, when I moved from Dallas to Seattle, for work of course, I didn’t know anyone. So, I started taking writing classes, and one thing lead to another.

Since moving to Seattle, I’ve changed jobs twice, traveled to Australia and Turkey for work, moved four times, earned two writing certificates, one in literary fiction and one in popular fiction, both from the University of Washington, developed strong relationships with other writers, attended the Maui Writers’ Retreat twice, and a writers’ retreat in Guatemala. My most recent trip abroad was to Scotland to see where my grandfather came from.

And somehow, with all that going on, I have written bunches of flash fiction, several short stories, a novella [Couillon], and a novel [An Untold Want, which was a finalist in the Mainstream Literary Contest at the 2012 PNWA Conference].

And I am working on another novel, working title: Beryl’s Story.

Not bad for a farm girl from Georgia.


Lafayette Cemetery No. 1, New Orleans

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