An Untold Want



Being born into a family of witches in a small Georgia town is more than enough to brand Maggie MacAllister a social pariah. In the fifteen years since she came home from college with a PhD, baby Liz, and no husband, she has withdrawn from life, from a world where gossip is truth and image is all that matters.

Maggie just wants a normal life, maybe even a husband, but everyone knows that any man who falls for a MacAllister woman dies in the prime of life. So, even though Maggie sees herself as a rational, science-minded person, her family and its history weighs on her, colors her life in deep shades of loneliness and self-doubt.

When a medical emergency befalls her daughter, Maggie is forced to examine the choices she has made. Forced to let others into her rigid, cloistered lifestyle.  Forced to recognize a potential, and younger, suitor. But will she be able to overcome her fear of what others think of her and accept her heritage? And if she does, will she be able to protect the people important to her from the small town dogma and drama and still find happiness?


An Untold Want is a Women’s Literary Fiction. It was a finalist in the Pacific Northwest Writers Association 2012 Mainstream Fiction contest.





“A week ago I was struggling to write a review for a book I had just read. Ít was okay and I said as much. What I couldn’t find the words for was that certain something that does more than engage you as a reader. It has to do with writing style where the words are more than just basic to tell the story. I still cannot describe what I mean, but this book – An Untold Want – has it in spades. I loved this book. It had a nice and unexpected twist. The characters were great and believable. The storyline was excellent and engaging. I even learnt a few things. I got this when it was a free book, but now after reading it, would not hesitate to pay for it. It’s an excellent read.”

–J, Amzaon Reviewer


What started out as a book about witches, curses, herbs, and life in small-town Georgia developed into something much more meaningful. To me it became about how our images of others often differ from how they see themselves … and more importantly … how people see us differently than we may see ourselves. But it also shows if we are open to change, we can change the image of self and enjoy a life as wonderful as we can picture it.

While not my typical genre, I got to the point of caring about the characters, and even some animals and trees. The author is wonderful at fully painting a scene, allowing you to see as much of it as you choose.

While it is more of a character study, there is enough magic, old diary entries, glimpses of by-gone days, and depiction of life in a small town to give it plenty of flavor. And oh yeah, the food described left me wanting to go south for good ol’ comfort food.

For those who prefer more action and a faster pace, there is enough action and intrigue in the final third to really capture your attention. Along with some surprises that make for a very satisfying ending.

Hmmmm now I am wondering how closely people’s images of me match my own. Thanks, Sara, for making me think.

—J. Prodoehl, Amazon Reviewer


“Ghosts, love spells, chills, haunting, CROWS, sad, coming of age, acceptance, love,love & love! All can be used to describe this new book that I found. It is a well written story of a family and a small town in the South, much like where I was raised. This touching and heart warming story of a Mother, Daughter and Grand-daughter identifies with all of us in one way or another. The author Sara Stark weaves a tale of acceptance of the past, learning from your mistakes and living in the present that will keep you on the edge of your chair until the very end.

—A. Dobson, Amazon Reviewer


An Untold Want is a well-written saga of the lives of the MacAllister women – Maggie, Liz and Gram. Along with Maggie’s love interest, JD and his daughter, Desi, the story takes on many dramatic twists and turns, leaving the reader with a true sense of being right in the middle of the events that transpire throughout the entire book.

I found myself reading it at a rather quick pace and not wanting to put it down, eagerly anticipating the next turn of events that would undoubtedly spring from the pages of the next chapter.

This is Sara Stark’s first full-length novel and I am truly impressed with the entire presentation of it – from the wonderfully crafted front cover to the details of each character, all the way down to the diary entries of MacAllister women from the past intermingled within the present day story.

I recommend this to anyone who enjoys women’s fiction and am looking forward to more great books from this up and coming author.”  

—S.A. Molteni, Amazon Reviewer