AUW“What started out as a book about witches, curses,herbs, and life in small-town Georgia developed into something much more meaningful. To me it became about how our images of others often differ from how they see themselves … and more importantly … how people see us differently than we may see ourselves. But it also shows if we are open to change, we can change the image of self and enjoy a life as wonderful as we can picture it.”
—J. Prodoehl, Amazon Review

“The characters feel life-like as they are complicated and emotional with dialog that seems authentic and not just made up. I was emotionally drawn to this story from the very first pages and my interest only increased the further I got.”  –Brenda, Amazon Review

“A week ago I was struggling to write a review for a book I had just read. Ít was okay and I said as much. What I couldn’t find the words for was that certain something that does more than engage you as a reader. It has to do with writing style where the words are more than just basic to tell the story. I still cannot describe what I mean, but this book – An Untold Want – has it in spades.”  –J, Amazon Review

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“I read this story in one sitting. Sara’s writing drew me in and created a palpable world of suspense and intrigue. Her writing is poetic and so descriptive that I could feel the New Orleans humidity and smell the Cajun food cooking on the stove.”   –Patti, Amazon Review

“Rich descriptions and well-developed characters drew me in to this story immediately. A fascinating journey as Janice evolves from a sacred, weak girl into a strong, decisive woman. The voodoo element brings an interesting twist to the old saying, ‘Careful what you wish for’.”
–Diane G, Amazon Review

“While I don’t consider the protagonist, Janice, very high on the “likability scale,” I grew to understand the motives behind her actions throughout the story. Sara crafted a haunting, descriptive and clever tale, starting with the title–Couillon (pronounced “KOO-YOn”), which means fool, dupe and/or several other disparaging monikers. In reading the story I discovered more layers and applications for this aptly-chosen, one-word title.”   –T Henkle, Amazon Review

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