Today at BlackBeary Condo – Magic Milk

IMG_20150214_131740Recently, BlackBeary’s human has been providing BlackBeary with one of her favorite treats, milk, every night, and there are times during the day when she is quite wary of this new event. She loves her milk, even though it has to be lactose free milk, not straight from the cow type milk, but something is not quite right about her human being so generous with the treats.

BlackBeary never got milk every night, not before. And she wonders if her human is up to one of her villainous tricks again.

Each evening her human stands in the food fixing area with a small plastic bottle, the carton of milk, and a kitty plate. [BlackBeary doesn’t like eating off of human plates. She requires her own set of plates.] Anyway, during this ritual, her human extracts something from the plastic bottle, then hovers over the kitty plate, all secretive and such. The really suspicious part is that once milk has been poured onto the kitty plate, her human stirs the milk with a fork.

Scarily, and concerning is that once BlackBeary has consumed the delicious milk, she seems too calm to worry about her human’s questionable nightly behavior. Her heart beats a little slower, and she feels quite loving toward her evil, milk-brandishing human. She can’t seem to remember why her human annoys her so much.

And she can’t understand the desire to curl up beside her human and purr, but she does it anyway.

Her human must be changing the milk into some alchemical potion. But lately, BlackBeary isn’t sure she cares enough to worry about it. It’s magic the way it makes her feel, and for now, she can live with that.

2 thoughts on “Today at BlackBeary Condo – Magic Milk

  1. Psst, you are right to be suspicious of the fork. However, please continue to drink the concoction freely and without any misgivings since it makes you feel purrfectly cuddly and care free. Your human loves you with all her heart and will always do her very best to take good care of you. So lap up that wondrously white, milky, yummy sustenance and curl up with a smile on your face knowing that is well in the condo tonight.

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    • Who knew cat’s could have high blood pressure? They sleep 18 hours a day for goodness sake. But she does seem to feel a lot better now. And, as a good human servant, I’ll pass along your comment to BlackBeary.



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