Book Cover Colors??

IMG_20140601_185313A FaceBook friend posted a link today that has me pondering the effect of color on the human psyche.

The article is Roses are Red, Violets are Blue: Here’s How Color Affects You. The premise of the article is that because “42 percent of males and 30 percent of females around the globe claim [blue]’s their color of choice” many savvy marketing firms use blue as a primary color in their logos. Followed by red and green, or combinations of primary colors. Now think about it, about all the logos you see everyday and about how many of them use primary colors.

Having worked for Big Blue for many years, where the corporate indoctrination class used to be called “Paint ’em Blue,” well, I got to thinking seriously about it. And the corporation I currently work, their logo is mostly red, but yes, there’s the blue, drawing the eye as if it were flashing come buy something.

So does this preference for colors also filter down into the publishing world? Do books with blue color schemes sell better? I’d love to see statistics on how many books have blue as their primary cover color.  [If anyone out there knows of an article regarding cover colors, please reply to this post.]

Both of my books have black on beige color schemes, which I like, but I wonder if they would attract more attention if they were blue. And red or green. Or yellow. When my next novel is ready to publish, I’m really going to have to play with brighter colors. Hey, every little bit helps.

By the way, if you could take a peek in my closet, you’d see that my favorite color, unlike 30 percent of females, is black. Yes, my favorite color is also the favorite color of many serial killers. Or so I’ve been told.

4 thoughts on “Book Cover Colors??

  1. Well, Institutional Green depresses me immediately. Yellow brings me happiness; Purples express me; Red can seem rich but offers warning; Blue represents calm skies and seas – adventure! I love color in food presentation, and a variety of colors in my closet. I dress how I feel. My home is done in South West tones that reflect the outside, the desert. I love madras blouses and caftans, and splendiferous komonos. I love blue steel and chrome on guns, all the hues of brown in wood. The colors of the rain forest enable me to feel calm, even if I am only “thinking” them when I can’t be there. Baby blue reminds of babies. The rainbow makes me feel hopeful, even when I’m struggling. For some reason copper makes me think of earthy things; silver makes me think of strength; gold makes me think of greed. Black reminds me of sorrow and business. Pink reminds me of youth. Orange reminds me of Carmen Miranda, Go figure.


  2. I believe in the power of color but don’t remember applying it to book covers. I don’t mean color does not matter. The illustration appeals to me more than the background color. If it blends it catches my eye. So now, have you completely changed the old adage “You can’t judge a book by it’s cover”?


  3. Robbin, I wonder if institutional green is supposed to depress people, keep them sedate while incarcerated (whether in the hospital or prison). I love red and black, but then the author mentioned that many people love the colors of their school. I hadn’t thought about blue steel, but I used to set the CATIA GUI that color way back when. Thanks for sharing!!


  4. Anna, love your quote, but unfortunately most people including myself, judge books by the cover. Like with wine, I’ve often tried something new just because I like the cover. But then the the old adage does prove true, as most are not as good as I thought they would be based on the cover.



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