#AmazonCart – Shopping from Twitter??

According to an article on CNET (Amazon, Twitter link up for easy shopping through #AmazonCart), Twitter users can now link their Twitter and Amazon account, allowing them to add items to their Amazon cart directly from Twitter.

It sounds like a great idea for those of us who are basically unknown authors. Right? Now when I pitch my novels on Twitter, someone reading my post doesn’t have to remember to go to Amazon to purchase it.

But having read The Circle by Dave Eggers, I am concerned about how all of my accounts are being linked. How all my information is now being stored in a huge data vault in a cloud somewhere, where companies like Amazon can mine information about me, can suggest items I should purchase. It’s already happening. Data mining has been around for years, literally.

Maybe that’s why after reading The Circle, even FaceBook creeped me out for awhile, because we willingly are moving in that direction, to a place, a society where no one will have privacy anymore. And we’re doing it to ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for convenience–I love the digital world, what with on-line shopping and banking, and I don’t want to go off the grid–but I also enjoy my ability to turn it off when I want to.

Your thoughts?



2 thoughts on “#AmazonCart – Shopping from Twitter??

  1. After reading our earlier comment about the book, The Circle, I have it as my next read. Be glad to come back here to add more comments. For now I will be interested in reading other comments, especially those who have read that book.



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