Today at BlackBeary Condo – If you’d just learn to…

There’s a mystery that BlackBeary can’t solve, an absolute horror she can’t wrap her mind around. And no matter how hard she tries, no matter how brilliant she is, she has yet to decipher exactly why it happens so often. Or even once, for that matter.

Every morning her human pulls herself from bed and staggers into the cold-hard room that’s attached to the bedroom. Her human then strips off her night-clothes, pulls back a double curtain, fiddles with a silver knob on the wall, waits a few minutes, and then… and then BlackBeary’s world tips on its side and the absurd becomes real.

Her human steps into a spray of water. Yes. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWater. She willingly steps into a spray of water.

But the real craziness is that her human apparently doesn’t mind. She seems to enjoy it, and it baffles BlackBeary that anyone or anything would voluntarily step into water when they don’t have to.

BlackBeary shivers remembering the times, few though they were, when her human bathed her the stupid human way. Her human would say all the nice words, coaxing BlackBeary with sweet sounds and sometimes with treats, lulling her into a false sense of security. And then wham, before BlackBeary had fully realized what was happening, her human had picked her up and headed for a sink full of water. Despite using all her strength, despite spreading her arms and legs as far as they could reach, despite holding onto the edges of the sink, despite screaming as loud as catly possible, eventually BlackBeary’s muscles tired and she ended up in the warm, soapy water.

During those moments, if she could have, BlackBeary would have killed her human. Because the only thing worse than being shoved into a sink full of warm water is coming out soaking wet, all cold and defeated. And then… and then being towel dried. Like that helps. Like a warm towel is a panacea for all the awfulness that had just occurred.

But even with those foul memories surfacing at the sight of her human standing under the spray of water, often times BlackBeary will peek around the back of the curtains hanging in the cold-hard room, will meow out a warning to her human. Because deep down she loves her human. After all, who else gives her Fancy Feast twice a day? After all, there are far more evil people in this world. That Kathleen is a perfect example.

When the love for her human outweighs her disgust at what her human is doing, BlackBeary’ll shove her face around the curtains, and giving her human the sad kitty eyes, she will say, There’s no need to do that. If you’d just learn to lick yourself… Come out of there. It’s just crazy.


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